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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably one of the most abused processes. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that each search engine guards its proprietary algorithm of how it indexes and displays search results. The second is the fact that this unknown algorithm is continuously updated so as to improve the relevance of the search results displayed.

Many SEO professionals are very intelligent observant people but do not have a marketing background to help them tie SEO services into a coherent marketing plan for the overall success of the business. As a result, the optimizations performed are often outdated in a short period of time, may cause complete banishment from one or more search engines, or are offered within a long-term contract. To add to the confusion, many do not share their methods with the customer, in order to guard trade secrets, and offer no means of measurement with which to evaluate their services.

Each SE has its own search algorithm that incorporates its emphasis on advertising and partnering and despite the proprietary and ever-changing nature of the SE algorithm, it is created to achieve goals that are quite obvious. Every SE has the goal of making money and the only way it can do so is by offering a search service that will keep visitors coming back. Taking into consideration that all search engines strive to achieve this goal, your SEO strategy should be in line with the goals of the SE. Instead of trying to chase after the ever-changing search algorithm, it is best to focus on conforming to general search engine goals for your long-term benefit. This is the only way to achieve enduring results from your SEO efforts.

In effect, what you are trying to do is remove obstacles that will prevent the SE from presenting your site on relevant search words or terms, and reinforce in its "eyes" the relevance of your site to such criteria. You are trying to make it easier for the SE to achieve its goals. Even when the SE changes its algorithm, any potential negative impact of such changes will be minimal while the potential positive impact will be augmented. You are trying to be a search engine companion.

Search engines see your site in a different way than you do. Many send automated robots to read through the text on your pages and the coding behind them. It is very much like reading a newspaper or a trade magazine with nothing but plain text. You rely on the title, layout, punctuation, paragraph formatting, headings, chapters, and sections to walk you through the magazine. Unless the layout of the magazine is encouraging, you will get lost in endless text. Search engine robots read through your code in very much the same way... boring text beautified, organized, and formatted to make it easier to comprehend.

You can group the search engine placement factors into Internal Factors (having to do with your site itself) and External Factors (having to do with things outside of your site).

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